ePoll Known Issues

Article Last Updated February 2021

This article lists the current known issues and technical problems in ePoll that are currently under investigation or have already been added to our product backlog for repairs.

Issue/Problem Summary Known Workarounds
Scoring issue for correct answers Answers that are set as correct on questions that are subsequently switched to non-grading questions will score as correct marks for students who select that answer.

A bug has been added to the eClass backlog.

ePoll bar graph display flickers Instructors viewing or displaying the student response bar graph may see it re-shuffle or the totals quickly re-adjust.

This issue is confined to the bar graph display (no student answers are changing.)

iOS highlights answer options before they are selected On iOS, one answer is always highlighted even before any have been selected.

Resolved: Fix released January 4th. 

Guest Wifi issues Students connecting to ePoll using the campus guest wifi have reported poor performance.

Students should always log in fully to UWS to participate in ePoll sessions.

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