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Assign2 Known Issues
Last modified on 22 November 2022 05:10 PM

This article lists the current known issues and technical problems in Assign2 that are currently under investigation or have already been reported to the vendor for repairs.

Issue Summary Known Workarounds

Student uploads made when multiple Assign2 browser tabs are open at the same time do not process correctly.

Students should ensure they only open a single Assign2 browser tab at a time when uploading submissions. This issue has been reported to the vendor.

Titles of Assign2 assessments are not updating when edited in eClass.

The only workaround is to re-create the assignment (if it is prior to submissions being made and/or grading.) Note that the title in the eClass page will update fine - the issue is within Assign2 itself. This issue has been reported to the vendor.

Assign2 PDF exams will fail if they contain more than 24 pages.

The only workaround is to decrease question number or answer box size. This issue has been reported to the vendor. This will be fixed in version 2.

Dashboard statistics not accurate

Counts for partial scans and unassigned exams do not update if those issues get resolved. This issue has been reported to the vendor and this will be fixed in version 2.

File scans statistics are sometime inaccurate (page upload and page failed counts are empty or do not match up)

This issue has been reported to the vendor. This will be fixed in version 2.

Some scanned files may be missing required metadata. These files can be reconverted by running them through the PDF toolkit, re-saving as PDF, and then re-uploading.

No ability to enter question titles (or create multi-part questions.) Reported to vendor. Late summer release targeted.

When searching for students in the dropdown to assign PDF Exams, it is only possible to search by first and last name.

This issue has been reported to the vendor and CCID search will be added to the search parameters shortly. 

Adding a student override will prevent the number of questions from being updated. 

Instructors must create the questions (or placeholder questions) BEFORE adding any student overrides in an assessment.

Adding a student override counts as a submitted assignment on the dashboard.

None. These can safely be ignored as no student submission will appear in the students table.

Editing the score associated with a comment does not update in the interface automatically.

Refreshing the page will show the correct score.

Access restrictions (for example restricting to a date) on an Assign2 tool links prevent students from being automatically pulled into the assessment.

Instructors can hide the tool link and release it manually when required. This issue has been reported to the vendor. 

Notability application for Mac allows hidden layers to be saved in PDFs and Assign2 displays these layers.

Notability allows work to be exported as images instead of PDF and selecting that option will not export any hidden layers. Students should always preview their uploaded Assign2 files before finalizing their submissions. This issue has been reported to the vendor.

eClass external tool link is accidentally deleted.

Data is not deleted in the Assign2 backend and can be recovered by a site administrator.

It is not possible to switch assessment types after they have been initially created through the Assign2 interface.

This operation is not possible with Assign2 - users need to create a new external tool link to change the assessment type.

When students look at their submission again, the date and time it says that it has submitted will be the last time that the student looked at it, not when they submitted. Resolved. Released July 19th 2022.  A bug repaired on July 19th 2022 had been affecting student feedback and per-question grade visibility and was stemming from timestamp overwriting itself (and the release settings). Any student who attempted to check their feedback/per-question scores prior to 8PM July 19 will be showing an incorrect timestamp for their submission. Accurate submission date/times can be found in activity logs on students tab.

Group exams must have grades manually passed to all group members.

ResolvedPaper-based PDF group exams were released November 2021.

Once an exam has been assigned to a student (mistakenly), it cannot be unassigned.

Resolved. Released November 4th. Instructors will now see an 'UnAssign' button on the students page.

Uploaded scanned exam files are not identifiable for instructors.

Resolved. Released October 18th. Uploaded scan files now a show file names and timestamp.

Some barcodes do not get properly scanned. 

Resolved. Released October 18th. A second backup QR code has been added to every printed page to double-check when matching up pages to students.

When grading, PDF exams all show 'Unsubmitted' for all student submissions.

Resolved. This issue has been reported to the vendor.

PDF exams that are graded cannot be displayed to students. 

Resolved. Released October 18th.

PDF exams that are manually assigned to students and then re-uploaded still appear in the list of exams to be assigned.

Resolved. Released October 18th

PDF exams cannot be assigned to students in large courses.

Resolved. Released October 6th.

In the PDF Exam grading interface, it is not possible to search for particular students or add any other filters. 

Resolved. Released October 6th.

No mechanism to handle time accommodations.

Resolved. Release April 2021. More information available here.
No option to open assignments to students at a specific date/time. Resolved. Release April 2021.

Statistics button on dashboard doesn't show anything. 

Resolved. Released August 30th. 

The cursor is not visible when using the question creation and grading interfaces.

Resolved. Released Aug. 3rd 2020. 

Student submissions that are uploaded in the wrong orientation cannot be adjusted.

Resolved. Released Aug. 3rd 2020. Instructors can now rotate student submissions. 

Saved comments sometimes persist across assignments. Resolved. Release April 2021.
Assessment settings cannot be changed when using Safari - the application shows an error saying the due date is invalid and the change cannot be saved. Resolved. This issue has been reported to the vendor. Instructors should switch to Chrome when using Assign2 until a fix is released.
Late submissions are not being identified in the interface. Resolved. This feature was released Aug. 3rd 2020. Late submissions are now coloured red.
Students aren't notified if their submission is incomplete Resolved. This feature was released Aug. 3rd 2020.
The grader is not identified. Resolved. This feature was released Aug. 3rd 2020.
Questions can not be edited after creation. Resolved. This feature was released March 22ndNote: it is still not possible to edit the number of questions in an assessment after it had been created.
Provide option for a csv export of student grades. Resolved. Released August 30th
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