Using the Grade Offset and Multiplicator in Quiz Activities

Article Last Updated June 2021

If an instructors needs to adjust scores on a quiz, i.e. by adding or subtracting points or scaling the scores. this may be accomplished without having to enter mass gradebook overrides to student scores. Note: this is not the same operation as adjusting the scores on specific questions within a quiz, for example if an answer was not initially scored correctly. Consult Editing and Regrading Quiz Attempts if that is required.

eClass can do this by any combination of adjusting the 'Offset' and/or 'Multiplicator' values within the grade item for the quiz in the gradebook.

Multiplicator: The factor by which all grades for the grade item will be multiplied, with a maximum value of the maximum grade. e.g. if the multiplicator is 2 and the maximum grade is 100, then all grades less than 50 are multiplied by 2, and all grades 50 and above are changed to 100.

Offset: A number that is added to every grade for this grade item, after the multiplicator is applied.

Note: this cannot be done in the quiz settings them selves - it can only be adjusted in the grade item settings for the quiz (within the gradebook).


To adjust these settings:

  1. Go to your course's Gradebook setup:

  2. Locate a Quiz activity and click Edit settings under the Edit link at the right:

  3. Enter your 'Offset' and/or 'Multiplicator' value which are available once you click Show more....

  4. Click Save changes to register the change.
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