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Creating Quizzes from MS Word Files using the Exam Digitizer
Last modified on 12 September 2023 09:03 PM

This article outlines how U of A instructors can convert exams contained in MS Word files into quizzes in eClass using the Exam Digitizer. This custom-built question creation helper tool provides better functionality than some of the basic quiz question import options and is web-based so can be used from a Mac or PC. This tool is being released as an open beta in April 2021 to assist any instructors (especially those on Macs) in creating final exams for the Winter term. Any functional issues encountered should be reported to

Instructors can access the system at:

Instructors can access the tool from any modern browser where they can upload files that will then be converted into an xml format that is compatible for import into eClass. The format can create the standard available question types including multiple choice, short answer, true/false, numerical, and description questions including images.

Full instructions for using the tool are available in the following 2 videos:

Converting MS word files into xml for import  (running time 10 minutes)

Importing xml files into eClass courses and creating quizzes  (running time 8 minutes)



- To use the Auto-generate exam generation option, quizzes in the MS word documents must contain only multiple choice questions (MC) and all the questions must be numbered and in order.

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