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Setting Video Permissions in Yuja
Last modified on 01 September 2023 05:29 PM

Setting Video Permissions (Public vs. Private)

Update December 22, 2021. With the addition of SSO to YuJa we have changed the the default video permissions from private to public with Portal (CCID) authentication.

Instructors concerned about video privacy should take care to check the link security settings as shown below when uploading videos. Any videos that should be shared for a wider, public audience (ie. beyond the U of A) must have their link permissions changed from or 'Public with SSO authentication' to fully 'Public' or 'Public with a date restriction'; any videos that are sensitive and should not be shared with anyone or only with the students of a class should be set to 'Private'.  'Private' videos that are published to a course channel can still be viewed by the students enrolled in a course.


To manually switch video permission settings: 

1. Locate the video in your course channel or My media areas - by default these will displayed as tiles when accessing through eClass - and mouse over the tile to show the advanced options:

2. Select More, then in the 'Media Details' overlay, select the 'Links' item in the left nav bar, then select 'Security Settings':

3. In the overlay, toggle the video Public, then set any additional restrictions required. An invisible date is recommended for a course-based video that is made public to be embedded:



Downloading Videos from Yuja

By default, Yuja video settings do not allow downloads.

  1. To enable downloads, navigate to 'My Media' and locate your video.
  2. Hover over video thumbnail and click 'More'.
  3. Enable:
    • Pre-Generate Video Downloads
    • Allow Viewers to Download in Media Player
    • Allow Viewers to Download in Mobile Apps
  4. Save your changes

When users view the Yuja recording, they will see the download option available to them.

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