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Disabling the Pop-up Blocker in Your Browser
Last modified on 13 June 2022 03:54 PM

eClass, as well as many other common sites, uses pop-up windows to enhance the site's user experience by providing new pages with useful content while retaining the original window or tab. If you have pop-ups blocked, you may lose access to some of the content provided by eClass moodle. If you are concerned about ads or other unwanted pop-ups, some browsers will allow you to block pop-ups generally but enter certain sites as exceptions which you can do for eClass.

If the browser checker (bottom left of has identified that your browser is blocking pop-ups, you can use the following instructions to enable them on for your specific browser. If the instructions do not match your particular browser version, search the browser's support site for that version.


Google Chrome


Internet Explorer (not recommended)

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