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Using Zoom Outside of eClass
Last modified on 01 September 2023 06:15 PM

How do I use Zoom if I do not regularly use an eClass course?

U of A Staff and administrators can use Zoom for various administrative usage such as web conferences, demos, thesis defence, etc. There are two options for how to create a Zoom account:

Option 1 (fastest, if available)

Option 2 (Direct Request)

Access an existing eClass course with a Zoom activity where you are a non-student role (Instructor, TA, etc). This can include a user's sandbox course.

The following article illustrates the registration process: Creating and Accessing Zoom Meetings through eClass

You can contact eClass Support if you are an employee or faculty member (NOT a student), and we can create a Zoom account for you. You can contact us at, or by phone at 780-492-9372.

You can then sign in to Zoom outside of eClass. View the following article for more information: Signing in to Zoom Outside eClass

Participants (students or colleagues) can join meetings through the Join URL (Zoom) (which you can email to them) as Guests without authentication. The URL is created automatically as soon as you create the meeting and is available from the meeting details page.

If you need guests to have host or presenter capabilities once inside Zoom, you can “promote” a participant to Host on the fly in a meeting, which is a common way to give guest speakers the proper capabilities within meetings.

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