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YuJa SSO and Default Video Security Changes
Posted by Chris Goetz on 23 December 2021 03:12 PM

Attention eClass YuJa users, 

In advance of the Winter 2022 term, we will be linking the YuJa Enterprise Media platform to the U of A’s standard single-sign-on (SSO) service. This will allow instructors and students outside eClass to access and use the service by signing in directly instead of passing across from courses within the LMS.

In addition, this change allows us to switch the default site security settings from ‘Private’ to ‘Public with U of A Authentication’. This change will improve a number of YuJa workflows and still allow CCID protection for videos.

Instructors can still increase the security level of their videos to ‘Private’ if they need to by clicking More from a video tile, scrolling to the Links section, and toggling Security to Private. This process is described in detail here.

Note that this change will only affect new videos uploaded into YuJa. Instructors will need to switch the video permissions on any previously uploaded videos if this is required.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this change.

IST eClass Support