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Quizzes - Managing Submitted Quiz Attempts
Last modified on 20 June 2023 12:56 PM

Although most question types will be graded automatically, some work may need to be done to grade essay questions or repair issue with questions and quiz attempts.

Repairing ambiguous or unfair questions:

After your students have completed a quiz, if you find that it contained an unfair question (e.g., the answer was coded wrong, the question was too ambiguous, etc.) you can either:

  • Go to the Questions page by clicking on the quiz link on your course page then by clicking on the Questions tab:

  • As below, change the points for the question to ‘0’ in the Questions screen so that the question doesn’t count towards the final quiz grade. eClass will automatically recalculate the grade.

  • Otherwise, as below, edit the question using the edit icon on the Questions screen, and change what you will accept as a correct answer.

  • Note: You cannot remove or add questions to a quiz once even one student has attempted it. You should also not completely remove question answers after quizzes have been attempted as this will cause inconsistent or incorrect quiz scoring.

In both cases, all quiz attempts must be re-graded (see below) to update student quiz scores to reflect any changes you have made to question values or correct answers.

Embedded Answers (Cloze Questions) Advisory: Before editing and re-grading Cloze questions, ensure that you do not:

  • add or delete sub-questions
  • change the questions order in the text
  • change their question type (numerical, short answer, multiple choice)

Changes to CLOZE questions that have existing student attempts can break questions within existing attempts and for future quizzes. The recommended process for repairing CLOZE question scores is to zero the question score. If you are attempting to edit questions, we recommend that you make changes using the HTML text editor instead of the RTF editor in eClass to ensure that you do not accidentally inject new formats or behaviours into the Cloze question you are modifying.

To re-grade quiz attempts:

  1. Click on the quiz link on your course page, then click on the Attempts: # link.

  2. Click on Regrade all located above the listing of quiz attempts. To ensure your question edits or re-scoring produce the intended results, we recommend running Dry run a full regrade to preview your changes.

To delete quiz attempts:

In some cases, you may want to entirely remove quiz attempts (for example in cases of incomplete attempts owing to computer failure, illness, or if you have had colleagues or your Demo student submit attempts in testing). To delete quiz attempts:

  1. Access the quiz and click on the Attempts: # link

  2. Place a checkmark in the left side of the row of any attempt you wish to delete.

  3. Click the button at the bottom, Delete selected attempts.

To force submit quiz attempts:

In some rare cases, student quiz attempts may get stuck in an 'In progress' or 'Never submitted' state. If an attempt such as this has saved answers for the student that you want to save and grade, you can force submit the attempt:

  1. Access the quiz and click on the link Attempts: #.

  2. Place a checkmark in the box at the left side of the row of any attempt you wish to force submit.

  3. Click the button at the bottom Force submit selected attempt(s).

Note: There is no option in eClass to re-open an existing attempt (e.g., if there were technical issues and the attempt was automatically submitted by the quiz time limit).

If an attempt has been submitted, and if you require a student to continue working on the same attempt, it is possible to add an override for the particular student and then change the quiz behaviour so that they can build on their last attempt.

See the article Adding User Overrides to Quizzes for more information.

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