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Uploading Files as Links in Content
Last modified on 04 July 2023 02:36 PM

In any content area on eClass with editing tools, users can upload files and create links to them.

Linking to uploads can be done in any area where the HTML content editor is available such as content section headers, topic headings, page resources, activity or resource descriptions, and in the essay grading response text. Unlike many file-linking routines, you do not need to upload the files in advance to do this: the upload occurs as you create the link.

The uploaded files can be any standard document file type, but bear in mind that only web-viewable files (e.g., PDFs) will be able to display in the browser; all other file types will automatically download.

The example below will show how to create a link to an uploaded file on the main course content page in a Topic heading. 

1. Activate Edit mode in the top right corner of your course main page.

2. Go to a Topic heading, and on the 3dot dropdown and choose 'Edit topic':



3. In the settings area for the Topic, go to the HTML Editor, and type the name of your link in the text box:


4. Highlight the text and click the Insert/edit link button in the center of the top row of icons.


4. When the 'Create link' dialog box opens, click on the Browse repositories button.

Browse repositories button


5. When the 'File Picker' dialog box' opens, click Upload a file, then click on Browse to choose file located on your computer.

6. Navigate to your the file you wish to link, select it, and click Open.

7. Once selected, then click Upload this file.


8. Your link will now show in colour in the HTML editor.

9. Click Save changes on the page bottom to return to your course page. You now have a link in the Topic that your students can click to open your linked file.

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