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eClass System Requirements
Last modified on 29 August 2023 04:21 PM

This page details the eClass system specifications and browser setup instructions.


Recommended Browsers

Other Supported Browsers

  • Safari (8+)
  • Edge

System Setup

We recommend the following browser settings for the eClass site:

  • Pop-ups (Allow)
  • Cookies (Allow)
  • Privacy Blockers (Disable)
  • Enhanced Browser Protection (Disable)
  • Third party browser plug-ins (Disable if you experience issues)

Using Zoom

Reminder: eClassLive (Adobe Connect) was decommissioned in January 2021 and users should be using Zoom (or Google Meet) instead.


  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Use at your own risk.
  • Smart Exam Monitor (SEM), requires Google Chrome to function properly.
  • Ensure that your browser software is always up to date.
  • Browser zooming (increasing or decreasing the font/display magnification using CMD/CTRL +) may cause (or sometimes resolve) eClass display issues. If you are having viewing issues, please reset your view back to 100% zoom factor and try other magnifications if need be. If you are using the browser zoom function for accessibility reasons, contact the Academic Success Centre as they may have better options available.
  • For mobile/smart devices, Chrome and Safari are supported.
  • The recommended display size for eClass is at least 1400 pixels wide. eClass' responsive HTML design should adapt to resolutions as low as 320 x 460.
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