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Advanced Use of Badges
Last modified on 04 July 2023 03:13 PM

For instructions on creating new badges, enabling a badge, and awarding it manually, see the article Introduction to Badges.

Assigning badges based on Specific Criteria

Users meeting specific criteria or completion conditions may receive a badge.

To begin doing so, first enable Completion Tracking.


Assigning badges based on Activity Completion Criteria

  1. From the Add badge criteria drop-down, choose Activity completion.

  2. Select one or more activities to be completed.

  3. Choose whether All of the selected activities need to be completed or if just one (Any) of the selected activities needs completing.
  4. Save when complete.


Assigning badges based on Grades

In the gradebook, a passing grade can be set for any grade item or category (see Completion Tracking). For grades corresponding to activities, set the completion setting of the activity to require a passing grade.

A possible way to award badges based on grades in manual grade items and categories is to:

  1. Create a page resource.
  2. Restrict access to students who have achieved a certain grade. For more information on access restrictions, see Restricting Access to an Activity or Resource.
  3. Set the page’s completion criteria to “view”.
  4. Set the badge criteria as completion of the page. 

Assigning badges automatically based on Course Completion

(Still within Criteria) Under the Add badge criteria drop-down, choose Course Completion.

Set a minimum grade required in the course. Check the Enable box if you would like to set a cut off date.


Locked Criteria

Note: Once a badge has been made available to students and awarded to one or more students, its criteria will become locked meaning that you can no longer modify the badge’s settings.

Criteria settings are locked to ensure that badges are awarded uniformly and fairly to students. Because of this, it may only be changed by creating a new badge with the new criteria and optionally disabling or deleting the old one.


Managing Badges

The following Action functions are available for managing badges:

 Enable/Disable access: Allows the badge to be awarded. Disabling access prevents the badge from being awarded and unlocks criteria for editing if there are no recipients.

   Award badge: Visible only if Access (above) is enabled.

   Edit: Modify Badge details and criteria.

   Copy: Duplicates the Badge. Access to a newly generated duplicate is hidden by default and recipients are not copied over. All Badge criteria can be modified before use before enabling it.

   Delete: There are two options for deleting badges:

  • Delete and keep existing issued badges - These will not appear in the list of earnable badges. Anyone who has earned them will retain them under their profile.
  • Delete and remove existing issued badges - Completely removes the existence of badges and will be removed from all users' profiles.


Notifications are sent to the badge earner via eClass notification or by email (unless disabled by user).

Badge creators can specify how often they wish to be notified of badge-earning activity using the dropdown.

Revoking Badges

To revoke a badge, it must be deleted (and revoked from all users). See Managing badges above.

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