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Rating Other Students Using the Group Peer Assessment Activity
Last modified on 05 July 2023 02:48 PM

If you are working in groups in eClass, your instructor may have set up an activity for you to rate all the other members of your group.

This activity will be identified in your course with an appropriate title and the icon shown here.

Once you enter the activity, your instructor(s) will have included any required instructions and if they have set a deadline for you to complete reviewing your peers, these will appear at the top above the list of students in your group that you need to provide ratings for:

To assess a student, click their name, fill in the ratings, and enter comments. Your instructor has the option to display peer's ratings and comments but even if this isn't the case, you should always aim to be constructive and respectful in your feedback.

Once you have submitted an assessment for a student, they will have a small green Assessed flag beside their name. You can click on any previously completed assessments and make changes up until the posted deadline.
If your instructor, has enabled it, you may also be required to complete an assessment for yourself. To do this, you click your own name from the list of group members to assess.

Your instructor may use the peer assessment simply as a check-up on the health and happiness of your team but they also have the option to display your group peer ratings to you.
If there is a deadline to review, you would only be able to view these results once the deadline is passed. Additionally, if you have been the option to rate yourself, your scores will be shown in relation to your peers. Note: feedback comments are always anonymous.

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