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Adding the YuJa Enterprise Media Platform to a Course
Last modified on 01 September 2023 05:36 PM

This article describes how instructors can add the YuJa video integration into their course. This external tool links to the U of A's enterprise video platform, a full-featured media storage, streaming, and editing suite. The tool can be added to non-credit courses or sandboxes for access outside of Bear Tracks sections and allows direct linking to specific videos on YuJa.

For more information about YuJa, instructors can view the vendors overview video and should also check the list of locally developed tips and best practices for using the system. 

To add YuJa as a course-level media portal:

1. In whichever content section area of the course required, with edit mode activated, click Add an activity or resource then select YuJa Media:

click on "add an activity or resource"

locating the yuja activity from the chooser

2. In the External tool settings, enter the following settings:

  • Activity name - enter a title reflecting the whole media service, eg. Course Media Gallery, as students will be clicking the link to access video playlists. 

    The Yuja settings screen

  • Privacy - Uncheck 'Grades' except when video quizzes are being used or participation marks are being awarded:
  • Common module settings - set 'Availability' to Show on course page if students will be accessing videos directly on the YuJa course channel; set to Hidden if all videos will be embedded and organized within eClass.
  • Click 'Save and return to course'.

Once the tool has been added, instructors must click the link to create a channel for their course within YuJa. Any videos uploaded to the course channel will be available to students if the course-level tool link is visible. Instructors can review this vendor-supplied quick start guide for instructions on adding videos and organizing them in YuJa.


To add YuJa links to a specific video: 

This process will add links into a course which embed and display only the selected videos in the eClass page. The alternative to embedding is to organize videos directly in the YuJa platform and instruct students to pass across the 'Course Media Gallery' external tool (added above) to view them in the course channel or any sub-channels

1. With editing turned on, in the desired contant section, select 'Add an activity or resource' and then select 'YuJa media (same as above).

2. In the External tool, enter the following settings:

  • Activity name - enter a title reflecting the specific video, eg. Lecture 1 Recording. 
  • Preconfigured tool - Select 'YuJa media' from the dropdown (as above.)
  • Select content - Click 'Select content' to launch the YuJa Media chooser and upload, record, or select an existing video, then click a video to select it:

    Click on "select content" in Yuja settings

    the Yuja media chooser

  • Click 'Save and return to course'.
  • This will ebed the video in a player view in the course page. If you would prefer to just add the videos as links on the course page, in the external tool settings click Show more and set the 'Default Launch Container' to 'New window'.
  • Note: when selecting and embedding videos that have already been uploaded to YuJa, the videos should be first published to a course channel to ensure that they can remain private. Private videos (the default permission setting) that are not 'Published' into a course channel will not be visible to students. When videos are uploaded on-the-fly or embedded by selecting from user's 'My media' areas, video permissions are automatically toggled to public so they can be viewed.
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