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eClass System Specs and Browser Setup

Article Last Updated July 2022

Here are the eClass system specifications and browser setup links:


Recommended Browsers

Other Supported Browsers

  • Safari (8+)
  • Edge

System Setup

We recommend the following browser settings for the eClass site:

Using Zoom

Please note: eClassLive (Adobe Connect) was decommissioned in January 2021. For face-to-face meetings in eClass, please use Zoom instead.


  • Internet Explorer and Edge have been reported to have display issues with certain functions. If you experience issues with them, try switching browsers.
  • If your instructor chooses to proctor exams with Smart Exam Monitor, Chrome will be mandatory.
  • Ensure that your browser software is always up to date.
  • Browser zooming (increasing or decreasing the font/display magnification using CMD + or CTRL +) may cause eClass display issues. If you are having viewing issues, please reset your view back to 100% zoom factor. If you are using the zoom function for accessibility reasons, contact the Academic Success Centre as they may have better options available.
  • For smartphones, Chrome and MobileSafari are recommended.
  • The recommended display size for eClass is at least 1400 pixels wide. eClass should function acceptably at any resolution at least 320 x 460.
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