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Last modified on 04 July 2023 02:15 PM

Your eClass course has a number of settings that you can modify such as the course description, format, activity completion requirements, and how grouped students are managed.

To access your overall course settings, click on Settings found at the top of your main course page.


The course settings page is divided into a series of sub-categories that are opened by clicking on their respective headers (or by clicking on Expand all near the top right).


  • General – The most important fields allow you to change the full name of your course and the course visibility for students. The course short name is set by the system in all credit courses so if you need to change this, contact eClass support. The date field customization in this area ONLY takes effect if your course is using the Weekly topic format.
  • Description - The course summary is not viewable by students (except during self-enrollment) - editing it is not required. If you want to provide a description of your course, you should do that via a page resource or directly on the course main page.


  • Course format – This block allows you to select from the available preset layouts for eClass content (and will refresh instantly as soon as you switch formats to provide the specific settings available for the format you select). Be sure to take note of the setting Course layout which allows you to 'display all sections on one page' or 'to display one section per page', an important choice depending on the amount of content in your course. Please see Switching between the available course formats for more information on the available formats and the different layouts they provide.
  • Appearance - Allows you to force a language or not, also setup the visibility of key items to students such as the grade book and the announcements forum.
  • Files and uploads - Setup the maximum file upload size for the course.
  • Completion tracking - Toggle whether or not enable completion tracking.
  • Groups – Force group splitting on all activities and resources in your course. This setting is required if you wish to split your gradebook into groups based on each sub-section of a cross-listed course. Even if you do not set this here, you can apply groups (or groupings) to individual activities and resources within the course so it is generally only used in combined courses.
  • Role Renaming – Rename key roles to vocabulary more familiar to learners.
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