Advanced Use of Badges

Article Last Updated June 2021

For instructions on creating new badges, enabling a badge, and awarding it manually, see the article Introduction to Badges.

Assigning Badges Based on Specific Criteria

Badges can be also be automatically by specifying conditional criteria that must both be met for a user to receive a badge.

To automatically award badges, completion tracking must be turned on in your course. To turn completion tracking on, see Completion Tracking.


Assigning Badges Automatically Based on Activity Completion Criteria

  1. In the Criteria tab, choose Activity completion from the Add badge criteria drop-down.

  2. Select one or more activities to be completed.

  3. Choose whether All of the selected activities need to be completed or if just one (Any) of the selected activities needs completing.


Awarding Badges Based on Grades

In the gradebook, a passing grade can be set for any grade item or category (see Completion Tracking). For grades corresponding to activities, simply set the completion setting of the activity to require a passing grade.

It is also possible to award badges based on grades in manual grade items and categories:

  1. Create a page resource.
  2. Restrict access to students who have achieved a certain grade. For more information on access restrictions, see Restricting Access to an Activity or Resource.
  3. Set the page’s completion criteria to “view”.

Finally, set the badge criteria as completion of the page.


Assigning badges automatically based on Course Completion

Select Course Completion from the Add badge criteria drop-down in the Criteria tab.

Set a minimum grade required in the course. If you would like to set a cut off date, check the box labelled Enable and set a date.


Locked Criteria

Note: Once a badge has been made available to students and awarded to one or more students, its criteria will become locked meaning that you can no longer modify most of the badge’s settings.

Criteria are locked to ensure that badges are awarded uniformly and fairly to students. Because the criteria of a locked badge can not be modified, criteria changes can only be achieved by creating a new badge with the desired criteria and optionally disabling or deleting the old one.


Managing Badges

To access any existing badge and perform administrative actions with it, you can first access the badge by clicking on it from the 'Manage badges' screen. Alternatively, there are a number of quick link icons in the 'Actions' column that can allow easy access to these functions:

 Enable/Disable access: Enabling access allows the badge to be awarded. Disabling access prevents the badge from being awarded and unlocks criteria for editing if there are no recipients.

   Award badge (only visible if access is enabled): Allows applicable roles to award a badge. After a badge has been manually awarded there may be other completion criteria preventing the badge from being given to a student.

   Edit: Modify a badge’s details and criteria.

   Copy: Creates a duplicate of a badge. Access to the duplicate is disabled by default and recipients are not carried over. Because access is disabled and there are 0 recipients, all of the badge criteria can be modified before use.

   Delete: Retire or fully delete a badge. A retired badge will no longer appear in the list of badges  and can no longer be earned but users will retain access if they have been awarded the badge. Fully deleting a badge removes it from the list and revokes it from all recipients. Note: If the badge has been pushed to an external backpack, it will remain in the external backpack however there will be no access to criteria or evidence pages.

The recipients can be viewed either by clicking on the numeral in the Recipients column or by selecting the Recipients tab when editing a badge.

Badge status is determined by the availability of the badge (eyeball icon).



This message is sent as an email to the badge earner unless they have disabled email notifications. Badge earners will also receive an eClass notification message visible only on their eClass messaging page (no pop-up notification).

The “Notify badge creator” dropdown can be used to modify how often the badge creator is notified of badges being issued. Notifications can be daily, weekly, monthly, never, or every time the badge is awarded.


Revoking Badges

It is not currently possible to revoke a badge from a user. The only workaround is to delete the badge (revoking it from all users) after creating a replacement badge to award to the other badge recipients.

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