Hidden but Available Content (Stealth Activities)

Article Last Updated July 2021

Instructors can hide activities and resources using "stealth mode" and still allow students to access the content. This can be useful as a course design strategy where an instructor wants to nest content to provide a clean and compact course home page. Another common use of this feature is to hide quizzes that are meant to be accessed through Examlock and/or Smart Exam Monitor, so that students aren't provided the choice to click the wrong link.

To set an activity or resource hidden but available, follow these steps in your course:

  1. Turn Editing on.

  2. Choose an activity or resource that you want to apply "stealth" to.

  3. Click the Edit drop-down adjacent to it and click Hide.

    Under the activity/resource will show a "Hidden from students" message.

  4. Click the Edit drop-down again and this time click "Make available."

    Note the new message: "Available but not shown on course page".

  5. Your activity or resource is now in stealth mode:

Example Usage:

The following illustrates a clean-up of the course page by applying this setting to all the items in a hidden content section called "Part 1 Activities" and organizes them into a page resource under "Topic 2" called "Part 1 Activities". Please see the article "Adding a Clickable Link into eClass Content" for further help if you are unfamiliar with adding this type of content through the html editor.


What an instructor sees when editing:


What a student sees:

Students click on the "Part 1 Activities" page resource to access the list of activities (even though these are hidden from the main course page.) Here each of the links have been copied and added through the html editor.

Note: If you have followed these instructions but students are seeing a "not available" message and prefer it to be fully invisible, you will have to adjust the 'Course layout' from your 'Course administration' settings by changing the option to 'Hidden sections are completely invisible'.


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