Using the Group Sign-Up block (Instructors)

Article Last Updated June 2021

As an extension of the Groups/Groupings functionality, the Group Sign-up block allows students to create groups or join pre-created groups for collaborating in eClass activities. This block allows you to pre-create groups for students to sign-up or allow students to create and join their own groups.

The following is general walkthrough for how instructors may go about using the Group Sign-up block for their eClass course.


Initial setup

1. Create a Grouping to serve a purpose for your course activity (projects/assignments/discussions/etc). This grouping will be used so students can either sign-up for groups or allow students to create their own groups. Any groups that are to be created will limit students to creating groups only for this purpose/grouping so that an unlimited number of groups cannot be created in your course. This grouping also categorizes the groups created to limit the confusion caused by having a large number of student-made groups in your course.


Adding the block

2. Add the Group Sign-up Block. (How to add blocks)

3. Edit skills group settings - Specify your parameters. It would be wise to also communicate to students that they must have their groups established by a certain date/time if the instructor is not required to create all groups.

4. Choose a grouping - Choose the grouping that you created in Step 1.

5. When complete, Save changes.


Students interact with the block

After you save changes, students can access the Group Sign-up block. The sign-up block allows them to:

  • Create (if enabled)/Edit a group
  • Join existing group

For more information on how students interact with it, please see Using the Group Sign-Up block (Students).


Final steps: Associate groups to activities

1. Create an activity.

2. After specifying your parameters for your activity, scroll down to the 'Common module settings' section.

3. Under the 'Grouping' dropdown, choose the grouping that you created in the first initial step.

* Note: If you are using an Assignment activity, you may be interested in the 'Group submission settings' section. Click here to find more information about it.

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