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Adding H5P Interactive Content through the eClass Editor
Last modified on 05 July 2023 02:41 PM

 (H5P) activities are interactive learning objects based on a set of open-source templates that instructors can add into their courses (the name is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package). Any pre-existing H5P activities created and/or hosted on or may be embedded into courses to provide interactivity in eClass. This can be accomplished by either linking the URL or by uploading the file anywhere where the standard editor is available (labels, pages, content section headers, etc.)

These activities can also be pulled from the course Content bank, either by linking or copying. Note: H5P activities added through the eClass editor cannot send grades to the eClass gradebook; if this is required, instructors can use the H5P activity type.

There are three ways to add H5P content to your course.

From within any content editor showing the  button

Method 1 - Entering a URL from an external H5P site:

1. Copy the HP5 URL from a website.
2. Where you want to add the interactive content, access the in-system editor and click the  button:

3. Paste it into the URL or embed code" box.

4. Expand the H5P options if necessary to allow downloading, embedding, or to add a copyright button.
5. Click Insert H5P at the bottom.

Method 2 - Upload an H5P file:

1. Download an H5P file to your local computer (from or
2. Access the editor as above and click the  button.
3. Click Browse repositories... to go to the File picker.

4. Select "Upload a file". Click Choose File, locate, and attach your H5P file.
5. Click Upload this file.
6. Set any H5P options if necessary.
7. Click Insert H5P.


Method 3 - Pull content from the course Content Bank:

1. Access the editor as above and click the  button.
3. Click Browse repositories... to go to the File picker.


4. Select Content Bank.
5. Select the desired content and click on it to open the h5p package information overlay.
6. Then select whether to link or make a copy of the file (copied files will not contain any changes made to the content); change the file name, author information, or the license information if required.
7. Set any H5P options if necessary.
8. Click Insert H5P.

Note: The H5P content type libraries are updated regularly but newer activities created on or .com may have issues when added by instructors. Please contact eClass support if you have issues with an incompatible H5P format.


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