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Last modified on 16 January 2024 03:02 PM

This article lists the current known issues, technical problems, and workarounds for the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform. Any wider performance issues with the service will be reported on YuJa's system status page.


Issue Summary Known Workarounds

Videos won't upload properly (progress hangs) or don't appear in media library after uploading when McAffee chrome extension is running. You can check for the McAffee extension by clicking the puzzle-piece icon in your browser's toolbar.

Disable the McAffee chrome extension by clicking the ellipsis (⋮) then selecting Extensions>>manage extensions, or use a different browser that doesn't have this extension installed.

Date restrictions (found under Media details>>Links>>security settings) don't appear to save after closing the windows- When you return to the window the settings are reverted

The date restrictions do function, despite appearing to have not been set. For the meantime, it may be easier to manage this type of restriction with the access restrictions built into eClass. Yuja are aware of this issue and plan to keep us updated on developments. Resolved, as of testing in January 2024

Video quizzes can't be edited. The 'edit' button is greyed out entirely

Yuja's support team has let us know that this is a known issue that they are actively working on. If a quiz is created with the setting "Award Credit based on Video Watch Completion" toggled on in the quiz settings, the edit button is unavailable. Currently there is no workaround available, the video quiz will need to be rebuilt.  resolved in December 2022 update 

Video quizzes remain in the media chooser after the source video has been deleted

This is an active issue that Yuja is tracking and working to resolve. There is currently no known workaround, so if you're re-uploading a new version of a video for a quiz, be sure to give it a unique title so that it can be distinguished from the original.
Resolved, as of testing in January 2024

Recordings made in IST managed classrooms do not correctly upload to user's media libraries in YuJa.

Resolved. Updates will be provided here.

Students cannot view embedded videos if they have 3rd party cookies blocked.

YuJa embedded videos require 3rd party cookies - Chrome, Firefox, and Edge will allow users to whitelist only the YuJa website cookie. As a workaround, videos can be displayed directly on YuJa without allowing 3rd party cookies, either via sharing video urls or by adding course-level video portal links.

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