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Last modified on 03 November 2023 10:24 AM

Getting started:

The eClass External system is available for use by any U of A Faculty or Staff with courses that require the participation of non-U of A (non-CCID) participants. The system is available for access at or through the regular eClass login portal:


Note: you should not follow any of these processes if you are teaching a regular Bear Tracks credit section!

Here are some details about the processes for using the External system:
Course Creation:

To create a new course, please go to and select 'External courses' on the Course Type phase of the request process. You can select content copy just as you normally would for regular eClass courses.
external course request

User Accounts:

Users with CCIDs can access the system using their standard CCID and password. Before an instructor can add a user to the course, CCID users must have signed in at least once.
Non-CCID users must create an account before administrators or instructors can enroll them in a course.
There are two processes for creating eClass External accounts:
1) Users who already have an existing Gmail account (e.g.. can click the button Log in using your account on: Google (Non-UofA) to create (and sign into) eClass external:
2) Users who do not have a Gmail account can use email verification to create an account by following the instructions at the bottom of the eClass External Login Page to manually create an account.
Please note: The account creation page is password-protected to thwart the creation of bots or non-human accounts. As a result, instructors will get the credentials to create an account via the course creation confirmation email. Otherwise, instructors must contact IST eClass Support to obtain special credentials that they will send to users for account creation. These credentials should only be sent to students by email and never published anywhere online.
Course Enrollments:
Users can be enrolled in courses:
System Features:

eClass external is for the most part exactly the same as the main, production eClass. There are some integrations to external services where non-CCID user access is not permitted so these features are disabled on external.

eClass Features Not Present on eClass External:

- U of A Google docs integration

- U of A Library Reading Lists integration

- Zoom meetings integration

- Sensus Access file format converter

- Edufide product integrations (Assign2 and Smart Exam Monitor)

- YuJa Enterprise Video integration

- STACK mathematical quiz question type


If you have any questions about the eClass External service, please contact us at .
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