Transferring Content Between Courses

Article Last Updated June 2021

If you are the instructor of a course in eClass, the best and preferred method for you to get content into your course from a different course is to copy that content during the course request process when your course is initially set up. The request system can copy your content from any existing Moodle courses or any that you had previously on Vista. You can access the system by going to and clicking the 'Request your course in eClass' button on the left side.


There are some situations when you may want to use an alternative method of transferring content:

  • If you want the content from more than one other course to be used in your current course; OR
  • If you have already requested your new course and added content to it that you want to keep; OR
  • If you want to start your new course clean and add only a few files from a previous course.

In these cases, you can use the Moodle import feature to copy selected content from one course to another. In any of these cases, we recommend that you contact IST eClass Support team to discuss what would be the best approach to meet your needs.

Using Import

To use the Import function, you must be an instructor in both the course where the content is (source) and in the course where you want the content to go (target). Go into the target course, click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the course header and click on Import.

Then select the source course from the list of available courses. If the desired course does not appear, enter a part of its title into the search bar and click search to locate and select it. Once the target course has been selected, leave the initial settings untouched with check marks beside 'Include activities and resourse', 'Include blocks', 'Include filters', and 'Include question bank', then click Next.

The next step is to select any of the resources or activities in your source course that you wish to import into the target course by checking the box beside them. You will also need to uncheck any resources or activities that you do not want or else these will be imported as well. You can uncheck entire topics by clicking the bolded topic headings.


  • The import process can only bring content into the topic number where the original content resided. Content in Topic 1 of the source will be copied into Topic 1 of the target. Further, if your target course has only 5 topics and you try to import a file from Topic 10 in your source course, the process will not run.
  • Importing the entire content of a course will also import any customizations made to the source course's gradebook if the target course's gradebook has not yet been customized. If your need is actually to copy over a different customized gradebook from another course over top of your own, please contact as we can use the course creation process to facilitate requests like this.
  • Importing only specific pieces of content will not affect the course gradebook at all.
  • While content is copied, some settings may not transfer, i.e. quiz times

Importing Quizzes

There are a some different processes available to instructors who need to copy quizzes - see the article Creating and Managing Large Question Banks for more information or contact the IST eClass support team for information on which is the best process for your needs.

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