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Downloading Assignment Submissions
Last modified on 25 September 2023 04:04 PM

If an eClass assignment has been set up to receive file submissions, instructors can either grade files online (using either the inline marking tools, the assignments grading table) or download the files for grading. Once downloaded, files can be scored offline and the scores added back into eClass with the option of providing feedback directly in the offline files and then uploading them back in bulk.



Settings and Basics

Before beginning, confirm that that files submissions are enabled in an assignment under 'Submission types' by ensuring that File Submissions is checked:

Once student submissions have been made, the online grading workflows are accessed through the Grade option below the assignment submissions summary; the bulk download options are available under View all submissions:

Downloading A Single Student's Files

Within the online grader, there are links to download the files from a specific submission. This can be useful if there is a problem with a specific file preventing it from being converted for online markup:

Bulk Downloads

For bulk downloads on the student submissions table (under View all submission), select Download all submissions:

Before downloading multiple Assignment submissions, decide whether you want to download the submissions as files or folders and select that option below the table under 'Options':

This setting will become your user default setting for assignment downloads. For either option you select, each file or folder will be renamed to uniquely identify each student.

  • If you uncheck the option to “Download submissions in folders,” each submission will be a file renamed to match the identity of each student.
  • If you leave the option to “Download submissions in folders” checked, each submission will be zipped in a folder named to match the identity of each student. To identify the zipped items as folders, an underscore is suffixed to each folder name.

This action will produce a .zip file, which when uncompressed or extracted will create a folder containing all the student submissions. The assignment files are named via the following convention: group name if selected, student name, random assignment ID-name, original file name.) The folder is named with the course name, the assignment name, and a unique ID.

This naming convention cannot be changed if you intend to upload these files back into each students file feedback area in the eClass assignment. If you are planning to do this, it is recommended to have your students submit their assignments in a common format that you can annotate such as an MS Word document or a PDF. Then, when you extract the .zip file containing all the submissions, you can edit these documents directly in the same folder. 

When you have decompressed or extracted the zipped assignments, you may start grading and annotating them but please note:

  • Do not rename any of the files;
  • If you downloaded the files in folders, annotate the files within the folder;
  • Do not move the files from the folders, and do not rename the folders.

Selecting Multiple Files for Download

  • It is also possible to download only selected student's submissions: place a check to the left of their name and choose Download selected student submissions from the dropdown below the table and click Go:

Uploading Multiple Assignment Feedback Files

When you have finished marking up assignment, you can upload to the Assignment submissions page.

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