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Adding a Crowdmark Assessment to Your Course
Last modified on 20 July 2023 03:14 PM

This article describes how instructors can add Crowdmark assessments (assignments and exams) to their course. This type of assessment will transfer a student roster directly from eClass to the Crowdmark system and allow instructors to set up assessments on the Crowdmark end. As this is a 3rd party, vendor-supported tool, instructors will need to contact the Crowdmark support centre for assistance with issues.

Please note: Instructors require their dean or chair's approval is required in advance of using this service (the cost per student needs to be paid by the department.) Once approved, course white-listing for Crowdmark tools can be obtained by contacting eClass support. Once that is complete, instructors can follow the steps below to add the tool to their course.

Instructors may also consider using our centrally-supported (free) alternative Assign2 to deliver long form online assessments.

To add a Crowdmark assessment to your course:

  1. In the desired content section in your course, click on Add an Activity or Resource.

  2. Click on the External Tool activity and click Add (or double-click on External Tool).

  3. In the 'Adding New External tool' interface, give the assessment a name and select Crowdmark Assessment from the 'Preconfigured tool' dropdown box.

  4. Optionally at this point you can also specify a maximum grade for this assessment item in the 'Grade' section.

  5. Click Save and return to course or Save and display when the desired settings are entered.

From your course main page, you can now click the link you just created (the activty name) to access Crowdmark and specify the assessment details as you normally would.

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