Using the Question Bank

Article Last Updated June 2021

This article describes the Question bank in eClass and the basic operations available within it. 

Adding any new question within a quiz also automatically stores it in the question bank for the course - for more details, see Adding Questions to Quizzes. Questions are added by default into a generic category for the course titled Default for [course name]. It is possible when creating questions to change this default by adjusting the category dropdown in the question settings to any pre-existing categories set up in the course question bank (see below); or into a category specific to the current quiz. Note that the quiz-level category of the question bank is only available and visible when accessed from within the quiz and has some very specific functions - see Creating and Managing Large Question Banks for more information.


See link about Question Tagging to learn more about how to better organize your question bank.


Instructors can also add questions directly to the course-level question bank. This is the mechanism used for randomizing student quiz attempts by pulling a a range of questions from a larger pool but can also be useful simply for organizing larger question banks in courses where multiple assessments are being delivered. Once added to the question bank, questions must still be added to specific quizzes as shown in Adding Questions to Quizzes.

To access a course Question Bank and add questions:

  1. From the course main page, click the gear icon at the top right and select More.

  2. Scroll down the 'Question bank' section and click Questions.

    question bank-image. 1a

  3. Select a category for your question using the dropdown menu, or simply click Create a new question to begin generating items in the Question Bank in the currently selected category. Within a particular category in the question bank, you may also click Edit using the drop-down. This allows you to edit,  duplicate, copy, preview, or delete questions in the list.

Instructors can perform bulk operations on questions in categories:

  1. To move questions to different categories, select the corresponding checkbox beside question(s) in the category.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select a new category from the dropdown in the row underneath 'With selected'.
  3. Click Move >>.

  4. It is also possible to delete multiple questions by selecting question(s) and clicking Delete.

To manage existing categories and create new categories in the Question Bank:

  1. Click the Categories tab at the top of the Question bank.
  2. To delete, edit, or move categories, click the corresponding icon to their right.
  3. To set up a new category, scroll down the 'Add category' area.
  4. Select a 'Parent category', enter a name, and click Add category.



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