Question Tagging

Article Last Updated June 2021

You will be able to tag questions as an enhanced means of organization for your Question Bank.

In the question bank, you will see a field that allows you to filter your question bank by tag(s). You will be able to search a list of questions that match any actively tagged questions in the question bank.


Tagging Questions (when editing an existing or creating a new question)

  1. Either create a new or edit an existing question.
  2. At the bottom of your question properties, expand the Tags section.
  3. You can assign an existing tag by typing in the search box, or you can type and create a new tag followed by Enter/Return on your keyboard or by clicking away. You may also click on tags that appear in the suggestion box. Assigned tags will be shown above the search box. You may also remove them by clicking on the tag's X mark.
  4. Save when complete.


Quick Tagging from the Question bank list

Alternatively, if you already have numerous questions in your question bank, you can quickly tag them by clicking on Edit and the Manage tags icon associated with the question.

Here you may tag the questions similarly to the procedure above.

After you have tagged at least one question, your tag filters should be usable from your question bank.


Using Tagged Questions in Quiz Construction

When you are adding questions from your question bank or adding random questions from it, you can filter your questions by the tags you have created for them.

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