Exporting Grades from the Grader Report

Article Last Updated May 2020

If you would like to download a copy of your gradebook for offline review, you can download them in any of the following formats: OpenDocument spreadsheet, Plain text (i.e. csv, etc), Bear Tracks (covered in more detail in its own article), Excel, and XML. Each export format contains two sections: 'Grade items to be included' and 'Export format options'. The latter option will vary slightly depending on which format you choose, possibly specifying other parameters for you to set.

  • OpenDocument and Excel have the same 'Export format options'.
  • XML requires that you had specified a Grade item ID number beforehand.
  • Plain text allows you to choose the following separators: Tab, Comma, Colon, Semicolon

In this example, we will be exporting to .CSV. 


To export grades:

  1. From the Grades area or the Gradebook setup (Step 2-3 from this article), click the Export tab.
  2. Choose a format in the sub-tab. For this example, Plain text file.
  3. Include/exclude as many items as desired. A Select all/none button is at the bottom if needed.

    Note that if no grades are selected (or required), exporting the gradebook will provide only a list of all the students in the course along with their CCIDs and email addresses.
  4. Specify the Export format options.
  5. Click Download and get your exported Gradebook.


Uploading offline grade files

If you wish to upload your offline document, please be sure to review this article on importing grades back into the grader report.

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