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Using ExamLock to promote integrity in eClass Quizzes
Last modified on 24 November 2022 04:09 PM

ExamLock is a quiz integrity application developed by the IST eClass team. The tool can be installed on Mac and Windows computers and limits students to a quiz interface while an exam is being completed and will block them from using a number of other applications. ExamLock is installed in most campus computer labs and can also be installed by students on their own devices. Instructors should also be aware of our current list of known issues. and should review the list of potential issues during exams and the recommended mitigation steps

This article describes how instructors can add the ExamLock Manager to courses to deliver their quizzes securely as well as the configuration required on quizzes to allow this. Please note: the creation of quizzes and questions is separate from the ExamLock setup - for the basics of adding questions to quizzes instructors should use Adding and Managing Quiz Questions and for high-stakes, summative exams where randomization is recommended, instructors may also want to consult Creating and Managing Large Question Banks.

It is essential that prior to any exam, instructors run a practice session on their quiz in ExamLock (using the created code) to ensure that all the questions appear correctly and to identify any potential performance issues (especially in large quizzes with numerous images.)


Part A: Setting up your ExamLock Manager in your eClass Course

  1. The first step is to add the ExamLock Manager to the eClass course containing the quiz you wish to deliver. Start by turning editing on in your course:

  2. In the desired topic, click the Add an Activity or Resource link:

  3. You can select the ExamLock Manager external tool directly from the activity chooser by selecting ExamLock Manager and clicking the Add button:

  4. It will require you to name the activity ‘ExamLock Manager’ (or anything you like). Note: you no longer need to select the tool from the dropdown if you have selected ExamLock Manager directly from the chooser in step 3.

  5. Expand the Common module settings area and set ‘Availability’ to Hide from students:

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Save and return to course’ (or ‘Save and display’ to launch the ExamLock Manager immediately):

Part B: Setting up ExamLock compatible quizzes in eClass

  1. Next, create a new quiz (or verify that the settings in an existing quiz) to deliver securely are compatible with below:
  2. When setting up a quiz to use ExamLock, you will need to configure your quiz with the following quiz settings:
    • In the Timing section, the Open the quiz and Close the quiz settings must NOT be enabled.
    • The Time limit setting must NOT be enabled.

    • In the Grade section, the Attempts allowed setting must be set to “1”.

    • In the Extra restrictions on attempts section, the Require password field MUST have a password set. Any password is allowed - this should not be shared with students in most usual scenarios.

    • Optional: In the description of the quiz, enter the following: “This quiz will be delivered using ExamLock and will not be accessible until [enter exam dates].”
    • Important Note: The quiz activity MUST be available to students for it to be taken using ExamLock, ie. it cannot be hidden or have restricted access. Students are prevented from taking the quiz in advance of the ExamLock session because of the password set in section d) above (which should not be given out to students under regular scenarios.). If you do not want the quiz to appear at all on your course page, you can also set it to be hidden but available to students.
  3. Note: ExamLock quiz attempts are not compatible with the 3 drag-and-drop types (Drag-and-drop into text, Drag-and-drop markers, and Drag-and-drop onto image) or the STACK type questions. Additionally, displaying mathematical notation in questions is not possible.
  4. Note: until the preceding settings have been applied, a quiz will show the status 'Not compatible with ExamLock' in the manager.

Once a quiz has been created and configured correctly, instructors must create sessions for their exams following the instructions in Creating ExamLock Sessions for eClass Quizzes.

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