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eClass Updates for Winter 2022
Posted by Chris Goetz on 05 January 2022 02:08 PM

Attention eClass users,

Welcome back, we hope everyone had a restful break! Here are some important reminders for instructors as we start this term with remote  delivery:

  • As a part of the resolution of our recent performance issues, a number of system features that were creating a heavy performance load on the database have been removed from eClass. These changes include:
    • In the Collapsed Topics and Collapsed Labels course formats, the option to show activity summary statistics in the main course page has been removed.
    • Course logs older than August 31, 2020 have been removed. Instructors requiring access to any earlier course log data can contact eClass support.
    • The Level Up! Block has been disabled.
    • The eClass Mobile App has been disabled. Users accessing using the mobile app will encounter an error stating that 'Mobile access is not enabled on this site’. Users can still access eClass on their mobile device by using Chrome, Safari, or another browser.
    • ePoll scores cannot be pushed directly into the eClass gradebook; instead instructors must download scores in .csv format and upload them manually into their course gradebooks.
  • The YuJa Enterprise Media Platform is now available for full campus usage with the addition of SSO authentication. This new system is full-featured media storage, streaming, recording, and management suite which is easily embedded in eClass to deliver course lecture recordings, video quizzes, analytics, and more.
  • Edufide’s Assign2 workflow for creating In-Class Paper (PDF) Exams and then scoring them electronically through eClass has been expanded. Instructors can now include multiple choice questions in addition to long form questions that can be automatically graded by the system. Once exams are scanned and uploaded, resulting scores are also posted directly into the eClass gradebook.
  • We are still looking for open-beta users of ExamVis, a student-facing exam review tool. 
  • The graphics on the eClass banner repository page have been updated to reflect the new U of A logo and branding guidelines.

We recommend that all students taking courses with an online component review these guidelines.

As always, you can find a full range of helpful guides available on our support portal. If you have any questions about any of these updates, please contact us at


IST eClass Support