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Online Assessment Overview
Last modified on 30 November 2022 09:50 AM

Digital assessment is possible using a wide range of online tools in eClass and other tools:

- student forum contributions can be graded.
- the assignment activity can accept essay submissions and more.
- scores on ePoll quizzes can be pushed into the eClass gradebook.
- online quizzes or exams can be delivered using the quiz activity.

When shifting assessments online, instructors may want to:


Resources for Constructing Online Exams

Constructing eClass Quizzes - Quizzes can be constructed manually using a range of question types and delivery options.

Digitizer Helper Tool - Instructors can convert existing electronic .doc or .docx files into quizzes on eClass.

Plain text import - Instructors who do not have any images or graphics in their quizzes are encouraged to import their questions directly into eClass using the Aiken text format.

Respondus Quiz Authoring Tool - A powerful assessment tool that instructors can use to create and manage exams which can be printed to paper or published directly to eClass. Exams can be created offline using a Windows editing environment and are transferable between different LMS tools. This tool is integrated with eClass allowing direct push of quizzes into the system. Technologies in Education have built a handy step-by-step guide for creating eClass quizzes using Respondus.

Exam Digitizer - New in April 2021, mac-users now have an alternative to using Respondus: the Exam Digitizer is a custom-built, web-based tool converts exams in Microsoft Word docx files into an eClass xml import format. The tool is being released as an open-beta for the Winter 2021 to assist with the final exam period.


Resources for Online Exam Delivery

Remote Exam Delivery Guide - a list of practical suggestions for delivering exams remotely.

ExamLock Quiz Integrity Tool - a custom built U of A application that allows eClass quizzes to be taken with security measures added. When completing quizzes, students cannot leave the ExamLock interface and are prevented from taking any screenshots. Quiz attempts are posted directly back into the course on eClass where the quiz was created along with a report of student activity during the exam. The tool is installed in centrally managed computer labs and is available for students to install on their own devices.

Smart Exam Monitor (SEM) - a 3rd party remote exam monitoring tool available through eClass. The tool is web-based (Google chrome only) and can be linked to an eClass exam to provide identity validation as well as both a screen and webcam monitoring.


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