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Yuja Video Platform Overview
Last modified on 30 January 2024 02:52 PM

This article provides a general overview for instructors using the Yuja enterprise video platform. The platform provides instructors and students with a place to upload videos, share them with course channels, tools for recording and editing, and a pathway to import recordings directly from Zoom. Yuja also provides users fine control over playback and download access as a means of sharing videos securely. 

Instructors may choose to host videos in Yuja while embedding or sharing them elsewhere on eClass, or they can create a course channel for students to browse all of the available course videos from one place. 

Instructors will need to add the tool to their courses to begin using these features. For a comprehensive overview of using YuJa, instructors can also watch this recorded training session YuJa delivered for the U of A.


Accessing Yuja

Users outside of eClass can now access the system directly at When using the tool in conjunction with credit courses, the recommended process is to create a YuJa linkage as this will automatically create a course channel on the platform and manage student access.


Yuja Basics

Instructors looking to start quickly can view Uploading a Video to Yuja and Sharing it with Students - a short tutorial describing to upload a video file and publish it to their course channel.


Yuja Best Practices and Recommendations

Please see the following articles for more information about using Yuja within eClass :

Using YuJa (for Students)

Adding captions to Yuja uploads (Students)

Recording Videos Using YuJa

Sharing and Re-using YuJa videos

Setting Video Permissions in Yuja

Adding YuJa Videos into Content Areas of eClass

Creating Video Quizzes Using YuJa


Setting Up Automatic Import of Zoom Meeting Recordings

The YuJa platform can be configured to automatically move all of a user's Zoom cloud recordings into their personal media library and then remove them automatically to preserve cloud storage space. Please see Moving Zoom Recordings into YuJa.


Detailed Vendor Documentation:

YuJa has a very thorough support portal that can help answer additional questions. We have collected several useful articles in the sectionsbelow.

Using Channels

Course 'Channels' are automatically created through the eClass integration. Videos that are uploaded directly into channels or published from an instructor's My media area into a channel remain private and can be embedded in the eClass course for students to view. Videos can equally be organized in the course channel with students being given access to the full portal. The following videos outline the various features of media channels:

Uploading Videos

Publishing Videos

Managing Media 

Using Channels

Managing Channels


Editing in Yuja

Overview of Video Editor

Overview of Editing Features

Advanced Options for Video Editor


Yuja Known issues

We have also collected for a list of known issues and workarounds specific to Yuja at the U of A. 


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