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Collecting Video Presentations from Students Using Stream2 (Instructors)
Last modified on 10 November 2022 11:49 AM

Students can now use the Stream2 media tool to record or upload video presentations directly into eClass. There are two methods for having students share these videos using Stream2 and the method used will depend on whether the videos are intended to be viewed by the whole class, or if they are private.

  • Use the forum activity if each student's video is intended to be viewed by their classmates.
  • Choose the assignment activity if the videos are intended to be private.  

Forum Video Presentation Submissions:

If your intent is for the video presentations to be shared with everyone in the course, the best option is to create a Forum and instruct students to post their videos there. You can find instructions for adding the forum activity here.  

  • Forum Type: Choose either “Standard Forum for general use” or “Each person posts 1 discussion” option 
  • Choosing "each person posts 1 discussion" limits each student to making only 1 post in the forum. 


Note: If you are allowing students to upload videos without the use of Stream2 you will want to make sure that under the “attachments and word count” header that you have the “maximum attachment size” set to “course upload limit”  

Assignment Video Presentation Submissions:

If your intent is for the videos to be private and only viewable by yourself (and any TAs) then you would want to create an assignment. You can find instructions for adding the assignment activity here

  • When setting up the assignment it is important to change the submission type to "online text" if this is not selected students will not be able to use Stream2 to record or upload videos. 
  • If students are submitting an accompanying file with their video you can leave "file submissions" checked off as well. 


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