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Basic Settings for your ePortfolio

Article Last Updated October 2018

This article describes the basic settings users may want to consider when starting out with the ePortfolio system. These settings relate to system mechanics and not things relating to a user's details - those topics are covered in the article Editing Your Profile in ePortfolios.

To access ePortfolio settings, click the user account icon near the top right, then on the Settings link in the dropdown; Expand the Settings sub-menu to access options for Notifications.


  • "Friends control": specifies a privacy level for collaboration in the site - Friends are automatic, require authorisation, or disabled.
  • "HTML editor": enables rich text markup in text entry fields.
  • "Disable email": prevents the system from sending notification emails.
  • "Messages from other users": specifies if other users can send private messages - Messages are possible from anyone, firends only, or no one.
  • "Show column controls": provides a shortcut for changing the layout when editing pages.
  • "Multiple journals": offers users the ability to have multiple separate journals.
  • "Maximum tags in cloud": determines how many tags should appear when searching for content.
  • "Maximum groups to display": controls the number of of a user's groups to display. If this is blank, all groups will be shown.
  • "Sort groups": controls the order of displayed groups.
  • "Dashboard information": shows or hides the 3 large shortcut icons on a user's dashboard.


Users can choose to be alerted about a wide range of actions in the system. For each action, the possible methods for receiving notifications are: Email, Email digest (a single email every 24 hours), Inbox (messages are displayed only in system on the user dashboard), or None. The available actions are:

  • "Comments": sends an alert for any comments on portfolios, pages, or any other user-entered content.
  • "Feedback on annotations": sends an alert for any annotations on portfolios, pages, or any other user-entered content.
  • "Group message": sends an alert generated by any group-level events.
  • "Institution message": sends an alert generated by any institution-level events.
  • "Message from other users": sends an alert for any direct messages from other users.
  • "New forum posts": sends an alert for any new topics or replies to posts in subscribed forums
  • "New page access": sends an alert if a new page is shared with any group a user belongs to.
  • "Objectionable content in forum": sends a message to any group administrator if content gets flagged as objectionable.
  • "System message": sends an alert generated by any group-level events.
  • "Wall post": sends an alert of any activity on the 'Wall' section on a user's profile page.
  • "Watchlist": sends an alert for any specific page or content added to a user's watchlist.

The video below, recorded on an older version of the ePortfolio system but featuring most of the same mechanisms, demonstrates the basic settings described above from an earlier version of the ePortfolio system:


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