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New features in ExamLock January 2020
Last modified on 19 April 2023 01:08 PM

This article describes the changes released for ExamLock in January 2020.

Performance Improvements:

Two major issues are resolved for winter term:

  • The mac application performance problem issues are fixed (released as an emergency fix December 4th 2019.)
  • The problem with large images slowing down application performance is resolved.

Improvements to exam evidence review:

The exam activity page can now be filtered to show only attempts that have been flagged, allowing instructors in large live exams to more easily check for potential issues. In addition, there is now the option to check Auto-refresh at the top of this table which will refresh the page and pull the latest evidence data every 20 seconds:

Within the evidence view of a particular student attempt, instructors can now mark an attempt as clean in case a student has been flagged for a harmless infraction (eg. their monitor went to sleep or a windows update alert popped up) and the instructor instructor has already reviewed the evidence. To do this:

The student’s status will now be updated in the overall class list:

New evidence detection:

The IP address of the computer completing an exam is now displayed on the evidence review page for every student attempt (see above). 

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements:

  • A number of changes have been applied to resolve issues arising from network connectivity issues or failures during the final exam submission in addition to checking for internet connectivity, the process has now been broken up into sub-steps to ease the bandwidth required.
  • All attempts that are submitted by students or need to be force-submitted from the ExamLock manager (by instructors) are now automatically locked.
  • ExamLock session codes use the current eClass quiz password (instead of the password at the time of session creation.)
  • Attempts that require device switching now correctly re-start the student timer.
  • The new Windows 10 built-in screenshot utility (Snip & Sketch) is now captured as a screenshot activity (it was formerly captured as a blur.)
  • Question incompatibility is now marked with checks or crosses as well as colour.
  • The ExamLock external tool activity now displays the ExamLock icon.



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