Knowledgebase: Basic ePortfolio Usage
Creating and Accessing Your ePortfolio Account

Article Last Updated May 2018

ePortfolios can only be accessed through eClass - the first time you sign in your account will be created.

For students

Students will most likely be directed to access by your instructor of a particular course - the EPORTFOLIOS block along with the button to Access My ePortfolio will appear in a block on the right side of that course. Clicking the link will open a new browser window/tab and sign you in to the system (and create your account if you are accessing for the first time.)

Note: there is no direct access to ePortfolios - you must access through eClass, so if you need to access your eportfolio but the course through which you had been accessing is no longer available in your eClass overview, you will need to add a direct link to ePortfolios from your eClass home page.

To do this:

  1. Go to your eClass home page (with the Course Overview block in the centre panel). Click the button at top right Customise this page, then follow the same steps as instructors follow below starting at #2.

For instructors

Instructors access the system by clicking the same Access My ePortfolio button. To add the access link to your course, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your eClass course and click Turn editing on near the top right.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom left of the window, and click on the Add a block button.

  3. Click on ePortfolio.

  4. Th ePortfolio block should now appear on your page.

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