Creating an ePortfolio Group for Your eClass Course

Article Last Updated November 2018

It is now possible to create an ePortfolio group automatically based on the enrolled students in your eClass course. Having a group on ePortfolio is the only way to easily share materials with students and have them submit their portfolio pages for review. For more information on the types of groups available in ePortfolios, see Adding Students to your ePortfolios Course Groups. For an overview of basic interactions in groups, please see Interacting with ePortfolio Groups.

To create a group from your eClass course, you must first have the ePortfolio block added to your course:

If the block is not in your course yet, see Accessing Mahara ePortfolios.

Once the block is in your course, clicking the button Create/Update ePortfolio Group will automatically create the group in the ePortfolio system. Once you receive the confirmation that your group has been created, click on the Access My ePortfolio button to go to the ePortfolio system.

To access your groups, click on the navigation icon to view the drop-down menu. Click on the little arrow facing down beside Groups, then select My groups.

The group will have the following properties:

  1. The group will be a 'closed' type group - no one on the ePortfolio service will be able to search for the group, enroll in it, or request access to it.
  2. The group will have the same name as your course short name on eClass and its creation date will be listed in the description.
  3. All students (and auditors) in your course will be added as members of the group.
  4. Anyone enrolled in your eClass course as an instructor or TA will be an administrator of the group.

If your class roster changes in eClass, clicking the Create/Update ePortfolio Group button will add any new students to the existing ePortfolio group. If students need to be removed from the group this needs to be done manually by accessing the group Members page and clicking the x beside a student's name.

Note: while you cannot change the group type of an automatically created group, you are able to edit any of the other details including its name, description, and any of the enrolled members and/or their roles.

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