Knowledgebase: Creating ePortfolios
Overview of ePortfolios

Article Last Updated July 2018

The ePortfolios system is available for use by U of A faculty, staff, and students as a location to construct web-based portfolios based on an open-source tool called Mahara. Common uses for ePortfolios are as reflective capping projects at the end of programs or to display completed work that maps to a set of competencies or accreditation requirements. The following video provides a basic introduction to the ePortfolio service:

Disclaimer: The following video may display an older version of ePortfolio. While the appearance may differ slightly, the workflows should typically remain the same. If you have any questions, please contact the eClass team.


The sections below overview outline basic processes with links to detailed knowledge articles for each topic.

Getting Started

Users can access their ePortfolios only through eClass and will should find links to the service provided by their instructors inside courses on eClass. The following articles provide an introduction to the system:

Creating Your ePortfolio(s)

Constructing ePortfolios consists of a few different phases:

Instructor Resources

There are a number of practices that instructors can follow to streamline their student's use of ePortfolios for a course or program:

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